Japan Good Design Award
G-Mark 2008
Pioneering & Experimental Design

The Good Design Award originated in the "Good Design Selection System" (commonly known as G-Mark system), which was created by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957, and it is Japan's sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. The Good Design is not just a competition in external design; it is also used to spot and widely promote design of wide variety of products that improve the quality of life and assist the further advancement of industrial activities. Good Design Awards are conducted on a grand scale, and over the half-century that they have been awarded, hundreds of thousands of enterprises and designer, from Japan and other countries, have participated.

Indonesia Good Design Selection
Indonesia Design Center

2005 :
Gold Award : Toys for Soul
Good Design : Magnifying Glass Elips (MGS-01, Magnifying Glass Straight/ MGS01, Tape Rule Square/TRS-01, Tape Rule Round /TRR-01, Compass/CS-01.
2006 :
Gold Award : Wooden Radio WR02-1B
Good Design : Wooden Stationery Series.

International Design Resource Award (IDRA), Seattle USA 1997

The International Design Resource Awards (IDRA) is an international design competition to encourage the use of post-consumer recycled, and reprocessed and sustainable harvested materials in new product designs and buildings

2nd Award Winner (Professional)
early design of Wooden Radio-prototype.


Design Plus Award 2009

Ambiente-Frankfurt Germany

The Design Plus award is a title awarded by an international jury of recognised experts to the winners among all the entries sent in by the exhibitors at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt.

The Design Plus award stands for product design of consumer goods which function, and function better than their predecessors, which are environmentally friendly, attractive and useful and which have not been on the market for more than two years.


Design for Asia Award 2008

Hong Kong Design Center

The Design for Asia (DFA) seeks to raise awareness amongst businesses and the public about the value of good design as an essential component in business success, as well as for a sustainable, higher quality of life for all

The DFA Award is presented to companies and designers from around the world that have achieved business success through good design with a notable impact on Asia.

There are six categories of the Award:

- DFA Grand Award

- DFA Special Awards

- DFA Gold Award

- DFA Silver Award

- DFA Bronze Award

- DFA Merit Recognition

DFA Grand Award

The DFA Grand Award commends the best designs among all categories based on their design excellence, influence in Asia and commercial success. A maximum of ten designs will be awarded.

www.dfaaward.com/2008_pdf/Personal_Wooden.pdf www.hkdesigncentre.com